A project based learning and STEM opportunity for kids.  The bridge between learning and fun, classroom and community, and students and teachers.


Available to ALL incoming 1st - 6th graders 

July 17 - 21


The Project Camp              



Hosted at:

Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy

601 Accent Drive

Plano, Texas 75075

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Project Based Learning is a hands-on, inquiry-based learning opportunity that allows students to make an authentic, real-world connection.
-The Project Camp will provide opportunities for growth with technology each day at camp.  Laptops/tablets will be utilized for research and as a tool for the campers to create final products.  Students will play the role of an engineer, while creating their own design to "Solve" a problem through trial and error, reflection, and revision.  

-Each of the projects offered has a real-world connection to support learning as global citizens.

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At The Project Camp, your children will embark on a week-long project in a fun and collaborative learning experience.  We provide a driving question which campers must "solve" using various materials, critique/revision, and creativity.  Technology is incorporated through engaging activities and the creation of final products.  At the end of the week, family members are invited to the final product presentations!

​Available to all INCOMING 1st-6th graders.