The Project Camp              


JULY 17 - 21 

Grade:  Incoming 4th/5th/6th graders
Project Title: Engineering Art Structures 

Driving Question:  How can we engineer a piece of art for our community?

Camp Description:  Campers will discover various art structures around the DFW area and work collaboratively to create a Google walking or driving map of their favorites!  Thinking about our community, campers will create their own mini art structures which honor the local heroes/contributors to our area.  We will have city planners, artists, and participants from the local Chamber of Commerce to provide information and give feedback on the art structures. 

Grade:  Incoming 1st/2nd/3rd/4th graders
Project Title:  Bird Brains

Driving Question:  How can we, as environmental engineers, design and create a structure to attract birds to our garden?

Camp Description:   Campers will work as environmental engineers to explore and learn more about birds.  Campers will DESIGN and BUILD a bird "structure" to attract birds.  During this process, they will collaboratively work with others to learn more about the Engineering Design Process and create a "How To" book.  Local engineers will come in to provide information and give feedback on their bird structures throughout the week.  On the last day, presentations will take place to share their learning.



Available to ALL incoming 1st - 6th graders 

July 17 - 21


A project based learning and STEM opportunity for kids.  The bridge between learning and fun, classroom and community, and students and teachers.